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A mission and values-driven community and venue, Ka Waiwai provides work and event space, educational and cultural programming, entertainment, and a collaborative network of members who want to be a part of a movement for positive change for Hawaiʻi and beyond.


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“Ka Waiwai is a concentration of inspiring and inspired people, actively committed to making positive change. And the waiwai of this place is pilina - the foundation of all aspects of life.”

Nai‘a Watson (Co-working Member, Artist & Entrepreneur)

“Ka Waiwai is a space where we can discover and co-create a collective culture that is grounded by the depth of Hawaiian values and wisdom.”

Mahina Paishon-Duarte (Waiwai Collective CEO & Co-Founder)

“Ka Waiwai’s value to our people can never be truly be measured as it connects people to space while binding relationships, cultivating thought, inspiring the next generation and elevating our connections through aloha.”

Keola Chan (Corporate Member, Non-Profit Executive & Cultural Healer)

“Ka waiwai o ka pilina aloha o nā kānaka a me ka ‘āina. A lot of people who connect with Ka Waiwai share similar foundational values, they care about ‘āina and culture and they’re looking to empower our community and our lāhui.”

Noelle Campbell (Co-work Member & Entrepreneur)

“When I take off my slippers at the door, I’m reminded that I’m a guest in this space, in this community, and on this ʻāina. This feeling of being a guest — and being my best self, connecting without judgment, expressing the most aloha — is what I get out of Ka Waiwai.”

Scott Nishimoto (Co-work Member & Non-Profit Executive)