Waiwai Collective is a group of Native Hawaiian entrepreneurs who share kuleana and a passion for uplifting the lahui. Through their work, they have seen the extraordinary power of physical community when people come together with purpose and aloha.

Ka Waiwai is a call to action for the lahui kanaka to come together and dream up ideas of exchange and abundance that prioritize the quality of relationships and the balance between people and the aina.



Mahinapoepoe Duarte
Keoni Lee
Jamie Makasobe



Cultivating a community that takes the creative risks necessary to put collective values into daily practice, affirm shared responsibilities, and learn together to create a more waiwai future.



The challenges we face today in areas like housing, education, healthcare and the environment are big and complex, almost paralyzing in the face of seeming inevitability. The societal systems in Hawaii are not working well so what are we to do?

At the core of Ka Waiwai is the belief that traditional Hawaiian ways of thinking and doing to create abundance and value on islands can be repurposed in a contemporary context. However, this is possible only if we give ourselves the space, and build the relationships necessary, to work collectively and creatively to translate the old into the new and vice versa. Our intention is not to go back in time but rather to learn from and build upon our ancestral foundation of innovation and ingenuity to create new systems of wealth and abundance in Hawaii.



Ka Waiwai:
A contemporary Hawaiian space where community, culture, and commerce intersect.

Ka Waiwai is located in the historic Varsity building situated in Moiliilii. After several years of the bottom floor being unoccupied, Waiwai Collective took on the opportunity with excitement to ransform the area into a contemporary Hawaiian space for creative and transformative work.

In conceptualizing Ka Waiwai, the design aesthetic took a very layered approach. We honored the architectural era of which it was built in by keeping true to its original bone structure, but refreshed it with a modern look that offered culturally connected design.

As you interact with the space you will feel a sense of connection to ohana, moolelo and aina through the crafted art, landscape and furnishings. The 5,000 square foot space is modular and transformable to accommodate a variety of uses. Ka Waiwai provides a place to physically, spiritually, and intellectually dream and create together with the aid of a welcoming staff, full A/V capabilities, a foodservice area, and ample parking.