WAIWAI   |   In our interactions with our community, we are working to redefine and affirm the richer meanings of Waiwai for today.

One word that has consistently shown up as a descriptor for Waiwai is wellness or well-being.



ʻŌLELO Series / Waiwai Collective / JANUARY. FEBRUARY ’19

Living Language
E lei au i ka ʻōlelo laha o ka ʻāina – I am adorned with the living, expansive language of this land
Waiwai Collective celebrates Mahina ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi. In 2012, the State of Hawaiʻi through Hawaiʻi Revised Statute and SB409, SD1 (Act 28), designated the month of February to be known as “ ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi Month”, to celebrate and encourage the use of Hawaiian language, an official state language of Hawaiʻi. Let us speak the native language of this land with exuberance and vigor!













WAI Series / Waiwai Collective / NOVEMBER. DECEMBER ʻ18

Water Connects Us
“Just as the sea is an open and ever flowing reality, so should our oceanic identity transcend all forms of insularity, to become one that is openly searching, inventive, and welcoming.”
― Epeli Hau’ofa, We Are the Ocean: Selected Works
Waiwai Collective offers a quote by prolific Tongan scholar and writer, Epeli Hauʻofa, as an invitation to reflect on our personal connection to Wai in her many forms. The WAI series will highlight the ancestral and contemporary relationships that extend from mauna to moana, from hale to kaiāulu (community), out to the farthest reaches of Oceania.

AINA Series / Waiwai Collective / SEPTEMBER. OCTOBER ʻ18

Waiwai Collective proudly presents a new collection of experiences, conversations and events that embody aina. To the kanaka, aina is the entity that feeds, provides shelter and connects community.  September and October will bring the heat with a panel that discusses Peleailaau, readings from a newly published oiwi author, a political candidate forum,  and much much more.
Come to Ka Waiwai this season to celebrate the generative inspiration of aina….e huai e!